Climate change unites the world ( nearly ).

Climate change is one subject that should unite us all ( with those exceptions who own their own form of space travel and alternative planet to call home.)

It is now generally accepted by every nation and every political party that climate change is a fact and that humans are contributing to it. ( There are arguments as to the degree but the idea that climate change is 100 percent natural has been put to bed ).

This is why and how the Paris agreement was reached in 2015. With 195 countries supporting it.

The non signatories (2) did not sign due to non acceptance they did not think it went far enough Nicaragua and because of the ongoing civil war Syria.

Can you think of any other binding agreement to which every country in the world signs up to ?

Politically of course this would seem to be easy as everybody lives on the same planet . In the USA the majority are in favour of the Paris agreement see the figures here

And rightly so air pollution kills 200,000 a year in the USA see here its over 5 million a year worldwide. This does not include deaths caused by climate change just the immediate effects of air pollution.

The last week in my home town of Manchester we have seen people from all back grounds, religions and nationalities come together.

Crowds pay respects at  St Ann’s square Manchester. Picture Gary Roberts

This surely is the only way a growing world population of human beings can exist and survive on our increasing crowded planet 

The Paris agreement was an example, perhaps the only example of the whole world coming together to work together for a common aim.

The effects of climate change and pollution can and will be catastrophic worldwide, a balanced view can be seen below and via the link.

From the Zoological Society of London. Climate change will not act alone, but instead interact with – and potentially aggravate – other pressures. For example, semi-arid areas of the world including large parts of Africa will experience more unpredictable rains. This could lead to poorer harvests, greater water stress, famine, higher incidence of disease and increased conflicts with wildlife that share the same land and water resources. It is important to be able to accurately predict these ecological, economic and societal consequences in order to design effective actions in response, whether these are aimed at trying to stop them from happening by curbing carbon emissions or adapting to the inevitable changes.

One man has thought fit to derail this process and undermine the democratic wish of his country even his own supporters ( 47% of Trump supporters think ( Paris agreement) is a good idea 25% weren’t sure 28% opposed it  ” ) source CNBC

You can contact him here although he has not listened to every country in the world or the majority of his own supporters who expressed an opinion.

7.3 billion  humans and a known 8.7 million other species will suffer because of it.


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