Gary Roberts , a member of the NUJ , is a freelance photographer based in the UK covering assignments country wide and overseas. Gary trained at Speos ( Paris Photographic Institute )  after reading Zoology at Leeds University. Gary is a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London  and is a member of the BPPA.

Gary is a board member of SANA Saving Africa‚Äôs Nature ).

Gary went back to lecture at Speos London part time for five years whilst continuing to work as a photojournalist.  Gary now works as an independent photojournalist. His projects centre around conservation and environmental issues. 

Photojournalist assignments have been undertaken in Bosnia, Croatia, Dubai, France, Ghana, Kenya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Tanzania and the USA.

Projects are now undertaken on the grounds of merit as well as financial considerations.

Please take a moment to visit the previous projects section of this site to view many organisations that deserve all our support.

Clients include National and International Publications as well as PR on behalf of agencies, individual companies and N.G.Os.

Please email or call me to discuss your photographic needs.

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