300 Million at peril from rising seas, again those that are least able to adapt and did not cause the problem will suffer the most.

The number of people threatened by climate change-triggered flooding is about three times higher than previously thought, a new study says. 

This is caused by the land, especially in Asia and the developing world, being several feet lower than what space-based radar had previously calculated, according to a study, by Climate Centrala New Jersey based nonprofit organisation of scientists and journalists.

So instead of 80 million people living in at risk low-lying areas that would flood annually by 2050 as the world warms, the new study finds the population at risk is closer to 300 million people. These people are in some of the poorest regions of the world. 

Rising seas will cause mass migration and hit those least able to adapt.

Meanwhile Amranco, one of the world’s most profitable firms, is set to float for an estimated $1.2tn. Amranco’s business is Oil and some investors are voicing concerns over Saudi Arabia’ s human rights record. ( BBC 30 October 2019 )

In 2017 Donald Trump made a pitch for Aramco to be listed in America, saying it was “important” to the US.

The United States sealed a multibillion arms deal with Saudi Arabia a move that solidifies its decades-long alliance with the world’s largest oil exporter. ( CNBC 20 May 2017 )

Neo liberalist politics are driving the world and the peoples of the world to the edge. Find out more and start to ask questions. 

It is too late for Legacy building and green washing.

Wind turbines part of the renewable energy solution.

The idea that politicians can produce a legacy by committing to cut green house emissions at the end of their tenure or greenwash their image by associating with superficial media attention grabbing events is a dangerous distraction to the current climate crisis.

If world leaders are serious about climate change and truly accept the overwhelming science then the subject should be at the forefront of the politicians manifesto, policy and action. If they do not accept the science they should state this clearly and challenge the science with a reasoned argument backed up by evidence from reliable sources to counter the current view held by scientists worldwide. Otherwise the politicians can only be found guilty of ecocide by later generations and should be held accountable for the damage they are causing now and for the planets future.

Restricted access. Climate change will do more than close roads.

A sign warning of ticks which carry the Lyme disease bacteria.

With recent school strikes for climate change and Extinction rebellion splitting public opinion perhaps the effects of climate change should be examined to see the current and future disruption that will be permanent and increasing. Lyme disease is just one example of the current changes that are occurring due to the warming of the planet and has been called the first epidemic of climate change .

Imagine a world where you can’t take a walk in the countryside or local park without a risk of being infected by a debilitating life long condition. The disruption and inconvenience of strikes and demonstrations will be nothing compared with the future and current effects of climate change.