SANA. Saving Africa’s Nature.

Having travelled to Africa for over twenty years and now having a house in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania it has become clear that the future of Africa’s ecosystem and the animals within it face a threat like never before.

The pressures from growing populations , economic and agricultural expansion as well as a surge in demand for animal body parts and assosiated illegal poaching means we are at a criticall historic point which may result in irreversible changes.

It is not for the so called developed world to preach and dictate to Africa about its future as these nations have already made the mistakes which have already eradicated many of their own large species and ecosystems.

We must work together to save the great animals and ecosystems of Africa this being the responsibility of the world not the individuals within the nations concerned.

An organisation which defines this way of thinking and shows how conservation, commerce, agriculture and the community can work as one can be seen in . Saving Africa’s nature.



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