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To preserve areas of animal habitat and nature by applying sustainable technologies to reduce flora and fauna loss. This can only be achieved with the collaboration of the local communities. SANA is working towards this by investing in education and developing entrepreneurial ventures for the local communities and individuals to enable them to grow out of poverty and reducing the impact of human activities on nature.

Having stayed at the Saadani Safari Lodge and Saadani river lodge one can only  hope that this model of working with the local community and conservation is the future for Africa.
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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a small, flexible charity, established in 1977 to honour to memory of a famous Naturalist, David Leslie William Sheldrick MBE, the founder Warden of Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, where he served from its inception in 1948 until his transfer to Nairobi in 1976 to head the Planning Unit of the newly created Wildlife Conservation & Management Department. David died 6 months later but his legacy of excellence and the systems he installed for the management of Tsavo andwildlife generally in Kenya, particularly in the sphere of wildlife husbandry and ethics, lives on.

I have had the privilege to photograph the Sheldrick orphans on a number of occasions and would urge everyone to support the work of the Trust.

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SOS Lynx

The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered feline species in the world; as few as 220 individuals survive in the wild. The species was once widespread across the Iberian Peninsula but has declined drastically over recent decades due to habitat loss, reductions in prey and high non-natural mortality from road kills, hunting and predator control. Find out more and learn how you can help the beautiful Iberian Lynx – Europe’s only endemic feline.

I photographed the first Lynx Cubs in the breeding programme in 2002 the population then stood at an estimated 150.

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The Shark Trust.

Established in 1997, the Shark Trust is the UK registered charity which works to advance the worldwide conservation of sharks through science, education, influence and action. Our vision is a world where sharks thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem.

I have photographed these remarkable animals on many occasions and would urge all to help support the trust and their work.

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Alamy the worlds largest and most comprehensive photo resource . 89 % of profits since 2006 have gone to medical research.

Many of my photographs can be purchased through the site for both personal and editorial use, if you cannot trace an image please contact me .

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Pinderfields Romanian Fund.

British Surgeon Oliver Fenton has been visiting Romania since 1990 just after the fall of Ceausescu . He and his team have been offering their services to the Orphans and children of Romania in order to give them a better chance in life. They give their time for free and the resources are funded by the Pinderfields  Romanian fund. This site aims to show you some of their work and shows  how you can help.

I  travelled to Romanian to photograph the remarkable work of Oliver Fenton in 2003



Mkombozi is the only N.G.O in Tanzania that actively involves communities in the work to prevent children from migrating to the streets in the first place. Nationally and internationally, Mkombozi’s work is regarded as groundbreaking, innovative, and willing to challenge a status quo that accepts a culture of impunity around child abuse.

I photographed the work of Mkombozi orphanage in Tanzania in 2005.

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The Fairtrade Foundation.

The Fairtrade Foundation is the independent non-profit organisation that licenses use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on products in the UK in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.  The Foundation was established in 1992.

I travelled with Fairtrade to Ghana in 2005 to take photographs for their celebrity cook book ” A fair feast “.

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The Apopo Training Centre, SOKOINE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE, MOROGORO,TANZANIA. At the centre, the Brain child of Bart Weetjens, “Hero Rats” are trained to detect Land mines to clear war torn regions worldwide


I photographed this project in 2004. The rats are well cared for and are in little or no danger as their weight does not trigger the land mines. The benefit to humans and wildlife alike is immeasurable .

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