Voices from the Savannah.

Voices from the Savannah available now here

I have been lucky enough to visit Africa as a photojournalist for over twenty years covering both wildlife and non wildlife stories mainly in Tanzania and Kenya. In those years I have seen and talked to many scientists and conservationists throughout the region who all share a common love of nature and the environment but paint a bleak future for the wildlife of Africa.

In the year of my first visit the number of wild Lions was assessed at around 200,000, very low for what was once the most widespread mammal predator with a range including Africa, Eurasia and Central America.

Today in Africa, the last stronghold of the wild lion, this number stands at approximately 20,000 to 30,000 with scattered populations. Similar figures can be presented for elephant, rhino, giraffe and many of the iconic and lesser known species.


Two years ago I started a project, inspired by those who work in the field on a daily basis attempting to stop the decline of this, perhaps the most worldwide well known, ecosystem and its wildlife.

The idea was to gather the fears, thoughts and wishes of those helping to fight for the survival of the wildlife and let their voices inspire and show others how they can join and help this cause. The book is now available in hardback with over one hundred pages of photographs and text including many of the worlds leading figures in conservation.

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